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Since 1986, the Dance Program gives NC State students in any major the opportunity to study performance and choreography as well as engages a wider community with dance as an art form. Here, we do more than teach technique — we take a research-based, content-driven approach to creating beautiful, meaningful art.
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Dance Program Took Stage at ACCelerate Festival

The NC State Dance Program took the stage in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 14 at a three-day festival showcasing innovative university projects that combine art, science and humanities to address global challenges. NC State students in all majors presented “Dancing Chemical Reactions” choreographed by Tara Mullins for the State Dance Company and a social justice piece “Agua Furiosa” choreographed on the Panoramic Dance Project by Maria Alvarez of Contra-Tiempo. Read a story

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Meet Our New Fall 2020 State Dance Company Members

September 4, 2020

Join us in welcoming our new members of the State Dance Company! From across the East Coast, we’re excited to introduce these six new additions to our team. Learn more about the new members here!

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