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Three Dance Program Students Received Arts NC State Awards

Congratulations to the three outstanding NC State Dance Program students for receiving the Arts NC State awards for performing and choreographing dance works at NC State in the following nominations:

Performing Artist Award:
• Gini Brown, the NCSU Dance Company member
• Danyale Calhoun, the Panoramic Dance Project member

Creative Artist Award:
• Gini Brown, the Dance Composition class student
• Raine Conti, the Dance Composition class student

Open to all NC State students, the awards celebrate creative students—all non-arts majors—who create and perform art in dance, music and theatre. Although NC State does not offer a major in dance, the Dance Program provides opportunities to NC State students of any major to receive a deep training in performance and choreography. Read more about the awards at go.ncsu.edu/artawards