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Dance Film Gull To Show Internationally at “Deus Ex Terra”

Dance Film Gull by Tara Mullins

Dance Program Director Tara Mullins will be traveling to Lavagna, Italy, this month to present her dance film, Gull, in the new group exhibition, “Deus Ex Terra.” This show, presented by CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium and Jizaino, is dedicated to environmentalism and the need for humans to coexist with nature and the cosmos. “Deus Ex Terra” will feature visual art, video, and installations that aim to address our complicated relationship with the environment, and how our civilization can continue sustainably and in harmony with the planet. Gull will be featured in the exhibition beginning December 12, 2019.

Premiered originally in 2017, Gull has earned national and international acclaim at several festivals, including winning Best Performance Art 360 at Rhode Island’s Avalonia Film Festival and Best Editing at the Free Spirit International Film Festival in Dharamsala, India. The film was created and choreographed by Mullins and her collaborator and editor, Doug Kass. Doug Kass is the assistant professor of communications at Elon University. Filmed at Falls Lake in Raleigh, Gull features dancer Gini Brown surrounded by natural scenery and soaring birds.

“Gull is about soaring, gliding, climbing, flying, and simply reaching new heights,” says Mullins.

During her stay, Mullins will also be teaching two master classes at DAS Dance Art Studios in Sestri Levante.

This experience is especially meaningful for Mullins. “Having the opportunity to see Gull and teach dance in Italy is incredible, especially because the film was inspired by my Italian grandma,” she explains. “It is my hope to start a partnership there that can benefit our students in the future. It is an incredible country with a profound appreciation for art.”

Moving forward, Mullins hopes to use this experience as a foundation for potential collaboration and exchange programs with NC State Dance students and dancers abroad.

To see other works by Mullins and other Dance Program Faculty, attend one of our upcoming performances.