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Checking In With Some of our NC State Dance Program Alumni

To kick off the start of the spring semester, we checked in with a few of our recent NC State Dance Program graduates on Instagram to see what they were up to! We love hearing all about the awesome ways they are sharing their talent and love for dance around the world.

Paul Kim

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Paul recently moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in the commercial dance industry. So far, he has worked on five different productions consisting of commercial shoots and music videos. The most recent project for Paul has been working with Juel D. Lane as the primary dancer in his piece for “12 Grapes,” written by Austin Dean Ashford and Brian Quijada. The video piece will be featured in Pittsburgh CLO’s 2020/2021 Songs for a New Year commission project. Fun fact… Juel was a guest choreographer for Panoramic Dance Project in 2020 where he and Paul first met. We love bringing people together! Paul is working towards signing with XCEL talent agency and will continue to work on television, theatre, and live performances. His long-term goal is to eventually choreograph/direct these productions.

Hannah Monroe

Hannah is working towards finishing her master’s in biological engineering at UC Davis with her research involving the fermentation of almond hulls and fungi to produce high protein animal feed. She is an active member of the UC Davis triathlon team and loves working out with her teammates. Hannah would love to stay in the bay area and she is currently exploring some really cool fermentation startup companies!

Madison Johnson

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Madison plans to move to New York City in August 2021, once the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are (hopefully) lifted. She hopes to pursue a career in dance in New York. Madison would love to continue with modern dance but her biggest dream is to one day dance on Broadway! Madison also choreographed a piece for the freshmen of the State Dance Company in the fall of 2020 and is still active with the company.

Adrian Haywood

Adrian has been teaching hip-hop and contemporary to teenagers at Empower Dance Studio in Durham. He has also been teaching adult masterclasses there, all while working full time.

Jasmine Rouse

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Jasmine is pursuing her master’s of science in textile engineering at North Carolina State University. She is currently working as a graduate researcher in the BioMedical Textile Lab Group at the Wilson College of Textiles where she focuses on cardiac differentiation of pluripotent stem cells and electrospun solutions.