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Fall 2021 Concert Reflection

NC State Dance Company Fall 2021 Concert Reflection

This post was written by State Dance Company member Delaney Galvin.

The State Dance Company and Panoramic Dance Project finished out the semester with amazing performances in Stewart Theatre—the first indoor dance concert for the two companies in almost two years. Both companies were so grateful and excited to be performing for a real audience again and this audience did not disappoint—with over 500 people attending between the two nights. 

Members of both the State Dance Company (SDC) and Panoramic Dance Project (PDP) shared their thoughts on the concert and the semester as a whole.

SDC member Caroline Foy says,

“I’ve enjoyed being able to finally dance in the studio and for an audience again after a year and a half of not being able to perform!”

While other SDC member Lindsay Caslin speaks on her experience with the company this semester saying,

“State Dance Company has really provided me an outlet for complete artistic expression in really versatile styles of dance.”

PDP members feel similarly about this semester. Haley Curtis says,

“As a result of the pandemic, the past two years have been slightly more challenging to connect with new dancers due to safety regulations but after this semester we have found [ourselves] more comfortable around each other as a company.”

Personally, I’ve felt really lucky to be able to choreograph my own work this semester. I’ve always had a love for creating movement, but I hadn’t been able to show my work in a formal concert since I was in high school. This experience has been really enlightening and I’m so happy with how my piece grew, changed and ultimately turned out. NC State Dance has been an amazing place for me to continue to explore my creative expression, and I’m so sad to have to graduate and leave the program in the spring. The State Dance Company has been my home for the last four years, and I am really looking forward to all of the exciting opportunities the Dance Program has coming up in the spring. Stay tuned next semester to find out all about them!