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The Lunchbox Series Spring 2022

Lunchbox Series

This post was written by State Dance Company member Delaney Galvin.

There is so much to learn about within the world of dance, and the way we understand movement is constantly changing. As the world grows, so do our experiences and conceptions.

NC State Dance’s Spring 2022 Lunchbox Series contains five 45-minute discussions from 12 until 12:45 p.m. which are dedicated to looking deeper into the world of dance.

Lunchbox Series Spring 2022

Led by professionals in their fields, these discussions will explore topics such as the intersection between STEM and dance, dance from a non-ocular perspective, body interconnectedness and more. As dancers, or even just dance enthusiasts, it is paramount for us to continue to grow our conception of what dance is and what it can be. It’s important to learn how to stay healthy, but it is also crucial to look closely at the art that you are creating and participating in. This type of thinking is what will be explored in Francine Ott’s Consumption vs. Context discussion.

Francine will explore important topics such as generational storytelling, consumerism in dance, cultural appropriation, the value of context, emotional investment and connections in performance and the importance of dancers doing their own research in order to honor the culture of the dance. 

There is still so much for us to learn about the way we process and understand the world around us. As artists and art enthusiasts we have in common that we may choose to do that through dance, but not everyone’s experience is the same, and we need to be open to learning and growing together as a dance community.