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ACDA and Spring Concerts

ACDA Mid-Atlantic South Confernce

This post was written by State Dance Company member Delaney Galvin.

It’s already March which means that the American College Dance Association (ACDA) annual conference and the Dance Program spring concerts are right around the corner. This year is so special because our companies haven’t been able to do either of these events in two years. 

American College Dance Association Annual Conference

I am personally so excited to be attending ACDA again this year. When I was a freshman, the State Dance Company went with a few people from Panoramic Dance Project, and being able to take classes from different professors across the region was amazing. It was also so great to be able to watch so many different pieces from schools that I didn’t even know had dance programs. ACDA really opened my eyes to so many different types of dance and it also taught me a lot about choreography. The whole week was just really inspiring for me as a first-year in the State Dance Company. SDC is bringing three pieces to ACDA this year, those being Ah…I See choreographed by Kassandra Taylor Newberry, Force of Flows by Layla El-Khoury, and Fun & Games by Delaney Galvin (that’s me). I’m really looking forward to showing my piece to a wider audience and hearing feedback from the adjudicators. 

Spring Concerts

Looking ahead, both companies are excitedly anticipating their spring concerts. Panoramic Dance Project’s concert will be on March 24 and 25, 2022, and the State Dance Company’s concert will be on April 7 and 8, 2022. Both will start at 7 p.m. and you can purchase tickets here. PDP’s concert will feature works by Shayla Taylor, Francine Ott, Ashley Broderick, Haley Curtis, Olivia Prevost, and Solteria Ross, along with musical performances by the cast. This concert will showcase a range of dance styles including modern, contemporary, hip-hop, house, African and movement of the diaspora. SDC’s concert will feature works by Tracey Durbin, Kassandra Taylor Newberry, Tara Mullins, Joan Nicholas-Walker, Jenna Finkelstein and Autumn Mist Belk. 

We really hope you’ll come out and support our dancers at what is, for most of them, their very first spring dance concert!