Since 1986, the Dance Program gives NC State students in any major the opportunity to study performance and choreography as well as engages a wider community with dance as an art form. Here, we do more than teach technique — we take a research-based, content-driven approach to creating beautiful, meaningful art.

On Their Shoulders: Student-led Screendance In a Time of Change.

Members of the State Dance Company created On Their Shoulders, an original screendance, in the fall of 2020. The collaborative work is a reflection on the collective power of women in civil leadership and the legacy of voting rights. Blending both political and domestic imagery, the company presented this piece as a reflection on the privilege to vote and the power to create lasting change. The work premiered on the eve of the 2020 presidential election and contributed to the Concert From Your Couch series as well as a Lunchbox Series, “Students In Response – The Election and Political Climate.”

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State Dance Company & Panoramic Dance Project Residency Weekend

October 5, 2021

y and Panoramic Dance Project have started this school year off with a bang. Both companies dove right into residencies throughout the weekend of September 3, 2021, working with extremely talented guest artists Kassandra Taylor Newberry and Shayla Taylor, respectively.