Concert From Your Couch

Welcome to the NC State Dance Program’s “Concert From Your Couch” series. Please enjoy current and past repertory. If you are looking for the perfect recipe for a night in, we recommend ordering take-out before you settle in to watch. ABC 11, WRAL’s Out and About, The News and Observer and the Triangle Downtowner have all put together wonderful lists of places that are offering delivery and curbside to-go in the Raleigh area.

Virtual Fall Concert 2020

We welcome you to our Fall Concert From Your Couch. 2020 has been full of new challenges, but as we like to say in Arts NC State, we have truly learned how to “pivot.” This year we welcomed a total of nine new members to the companies! The pieces were created both via zoom, and with small groups face to face. Dancers adhered to all safety protocols which included limited locomotion and floor work, dancing six feet apart, masked at all times and multiple breaks for air exchange and cleaning. Because much of it was done online, the pieces were put together within the last week or two before filming.

Even under the unique circumstances, we have a plethora of content – two director pieces, four student works, three guest artist pieces, a student vocal performance, and a piece choreographed by an alumna – so we will be sharing half the pieces now and more in the early spring semester. The dedication and devotion of the students during this semester was truly astounding. They stayed fully engaged in the creative process and never once complained.

The Dance Program would like to thank faculty member Francine Ott, program assistant Alexandra Burchette, as well as the dance faculty in HES under the leadership of Beth Fath. We are grateful to University Theatre for their technical support throughout rehearsals and filming. And finally, to our leadership, Executive Director of Arts NC State and Associate Dean of University College, Rich Holly, and Interim Dean of University College, Bret Smith, for believing that the show could go on.


Choreography: Juel D. Lane
Music: Leo Da Venci
Performers: Adrian Haywood, Paul Kim, Olivia Prevost, Katie Quinn, Solteria Ross, Jasmine Rouse


Choreography: Jenna Finkelstein (Arts NC State Creative Artist Award Winner)
Music: Live Long by Kings of Convenience, 3 Forms by Manyfingers
Performers: Delaney Galvin, LilyGrace Wolfe

River Flowing

Choreography: Paul Kim (Arts NC State Creative Artist Award Winner)
Music: FKJ Alice Improvisation Is it cold in the water FLUME
Performer: Paul Kim


Choreography/Performers: Adrian Haywood and Olivia Prevost
Music: Asht by Nebulo

Against the Railing

Tara Mullins first choreographed Against the Railing in 2007. At the time, it was about her grandmother’s journey from Sicily to New York in the early 1900s. Her grandmother left behind her parents and worked on the factory lines to make a better life for her children. With the current conversations about immigration, Mullins decided to expand the piece to include more sections, as well as filmed immigration stories from NC State faculty, staff and students. The inspiration for these videos came from Minnesota’s Immigrant Stories. Once Covid hit, Mullins had to pivot, eliminating much of the choreography due to safety. Mullins was able to continue choreographing a version of the group and solo excerpts from the piece, which you will see here. You will also see a link to five of the interviews, including soloist LilyGrace Wolfe’s own touching story. More interviews will be added to the site throughout the year. Please contact the Dance Program if you are interested in being a part of this project.

Choreography: Tara Z. Mullins
Music: Zoë Keating
Costuming: Sydney Begg, NC State Dance Minor Class of 2020
Soloist: LilyGrace Wolfe
Performers: Lindsay Caslin, Aubrey Dixson, Jenna Finkelstein, Ariana Fajerman, Caroline Foy, Delaney Galvin, Athena He-DeMontaron, Kellsie Jennings, Madison Johnson, Maddy Kotyra, Rachel Morris, Alexa Simeonsson, LilyGrace Wolfe

Against the Railing Interviews

Week 3

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The Walk

Choreography: Francine E. Ott
Music: Samthing Soweto
Lighting: Jennifer Sherrod
Performers: Danyale Calhoun, Audra Chenoweth, Haley Curtis, Hannah Green, Adrian Haywood, Taylor Jones, Paul Kim, Hannah Monroe, Lauren Monroe, Destiny Payer, Olivia Prevost, Katie Quinn, Jasmine Rouse, Solteria Ross, Maya Sturgies

QuaranTINY Solos

Performers: State Dance Company

Small but mighty solos from State Dance Company members in reaction to life in quarantine.

Mercy (Excerpt, 1991)

Choreography: Gerri Houlihan
Music: Roy Orbison
Lighting: Joshua Reaves
Performer: Madison Johnson

Mercy originally premiered in 1991 in Miami, Florida by Houlihan and Dancers. 

All The Things We Do (2019)

Choreography: Monica Bill Barnes
Music: Four Tops, Men At Work, Perry Como, The Grass Roots
Rehearsal Director:  Flannery Gregg
Lighting: Joshua Reaves
Performers: Aubrey Dixson, Jenna Finkelstein, Caroline Foy, Delaney Galvin, Casey Graff, Athena He-DeMontaron, Madison Johnson, Grace Lincroft, Alexa Simeonsoon, LilyGrace Wolfe

Safe and Sound

Music: Safe and Sound Originally performed by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wards
Performers: LilyGrace Wolfe from State Dance Company and Katie Quinn from Panoramic Dance Project

A Capella

A Capella

Music: Daniel Caesar
Performers: Danyale Calhoun, Audra Chenoweth, Haley Curtis, Hannah Green, Adrian Haywood, Taylor Jones, Paul Kim, Hannah Monroe, Lauren Monroe, Destiny Payer, Olivia Prevost, Katie Quinn, Jasmine Rouse, Solteria Ross, Maya Sturgies

The Process 

Music: Daniel Caesar
Video: Francine E. Ott

FilmFest by Rogue Dancer: DIS-function Edition (April 2020) – Available Until May 3

FilmFest by Rogue Dancer: DIS-function Edition (April 2020)

*** DISCLAIMER needed here. There is MA (mature) subject matter in Canis Major and I’m Your Man. Be aware if you are watching with children. ***

Watch Online

Week 2

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James (2011)

Choreography: Francine E. Ott
Music: Daniel Bernard Roumain, Frank Ocean, Ebrahim, and Mali Music
Costume Concept: Francine E. Ott with alterations done by Brende Hayes
Lighting: Joshua Reaves
Performers: Danyale Calhoun, Audra Chenoweth, Haley Curtis, Hannah Green, Adrian Haywood, Taylor Jones, Paul Kim, Hannah Monroe, Lauren Monroe, Destiny Payer, Olivia Prevost, Katie Quinn, Jasmine Rouse, Solteria Ross, Maya Sturgies

Closing Remarks (2019)

Choreography: Jenna Finkelstein
Music: Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Manyfingers
Lighting: Joshua Reaves
Performers: Aubrey Dixson, Madison Johnson, LilyGrace Wolfe

Portrait of Two Women (2019)

Choreography: Tara Mullins
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Olafur Arnalds
Costume: Adrienne McKenzie
Lighting: Joshua Reaves
Performers: Gini Brown, Jenna Finkelstein


(DAN 498 Independent Study/2018 Arts NC State Creative Artist Award winner, student choreography)
Choreography: Adrian Haywood
Music: No One Knows Me (Like The Piano) by Sampha Creeks by 715, Vincent by James Blake
Lighting: Joshua Reaves
Performers: Adrian Haywood, Hannah Monroe, Aubrey Dixon, Madison Johnson, Solteria Ross, Destiny Payer, Katie Quinn

Week 1

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SWEAT (2020)

Choreography: Britt Whitmoyer Fishel
Performers: State Dance Company

This is the grand premiere of SWEAT! It has never been seen before. 

Motherboard (2019)

Choreography: Katie Quinn
Music: Daft Punk
Lighting: Joshua Reaves
Performer: Katie Quinn

Rollercoasters (2019)

Choreography: Brooke Yannayon
Music: Tank and the Bangas
Lighting: Joshua Reaves
Performers: Danyale Calhoun, Haley Curtis, Adrian Haywood, Solteria Ross, Jasmine Rouse, Maya Sturgies

STEPS: in response (2019)

Choreography/Creative concept: Tara Mullins and Autumn Mist Belk
Film: Autumn Mist Belk
Music: John Cage, Hilary Hahn and Hauschka
Lighting: Joshua Reaves
Performers: Annalise Boese, Gini Brown, Isa Cortes, Dani Deibert, Aubrey Dixson, Ava Enochs, Jenna Finkelstein, Delaney Galvin, Casey Graff, Madison Johnson, MaryJo McCoy, Dedreana Scott, Lillian Tseng, LilyGrace Wolfe

The tech set up is included in the video to show the creative process that went into the performance. This project was a collaboration of visual and performing artists and was documented throughout the creative process; the tech shows the process of creating the stage design.

Intro To Self

Choreography: Matthew Wright
Music: Where Did I Go? by Jorja Smith, Take Control of You by Nao
Lighting Designer: Jennifer Sherrod
Performers: Danyale Calhoun, Taylor Jones, Jasmine Rouse, Maya Sturgies

Filmfest by Rogue Dancer: Saturated Edition (March 2020) – Available Until April 8

Rouge Dancer Journal March 2020 Filmfest

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