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Concert From Your Couch

Welcome to the NC State Dance Program’s “Concert From Your Couch” series. Please enjoy current and past repertory. If you are looking for the perfect recipe for a night in, we recommend ordering take-out before you settle in to watch. ABC 11, WRAL’s Out and About, The News and Observer and the Triangle Downtowner have all put together wonderful lists of places that are offering delivery and curbside to-go in the Raleigh area.

Spring Concert 2021

Handouts In The Rain (Excerpt)

Note: The duet in this performance utilizes touch between performers. Both performers were in each other’s social “bubble” and adhered to safety precautions.

Choreography: Tracey Durbin
Music: Richie Havens
Performers: Alexa Simeonsson, Delaney Galvin, Athena He-Demontaron, Jenna Finkelstein, LilyGrace Wolfe


Choreography: Panoramic Dance Project
Music: James Blake and Bobby McFerrin
Performers: Ashley Broderick, Haley Curtis, Evanna Edward, Gloria Lima, Sara Nelson, Olivia Prevost, Katie Quinn, Caren Ziller

Learn to Whisper Without Sound

Choreography: Tara Z. Mullins
Music: Dirk Maassen and RIOPY
Performers: Lindsay Caslin, Jenna Finkelstein, Kellsie Jennings, Rachel Morris

A Delicate Balance (Excerpt)

Choreography: Francine E. Ott
Music: Bjork
Performers: Ashley Broderick, Haley Curtis, Evanna Edward, Gloria Lima, Sara Nelson, Olivia Prevost, Katie Quinn, Caren Ziller


Choreography: Jenna Finkelstein
Music: Kings of Convenience, Jean-Michel Blais
Performers: Lindsay Caslin, Delaney Galvin, Kellsie Jennings, Alexa Simeonsson, LilyGrace Wolfe

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler

Choreography: Shayla Taylor
Music: The Soul Rebels
Performers: Ashley Broderick, Haley Curtis, Evanna Edward, Gloria Lima, Sara Nelson, Olivia Prevost, Katie Quinn, Caren Ziller

Past Concert Highlights

River Flowing

Choreography: Paul Kim (Arts NC State Creative Artist Award Winner)
Music: FKJ Alice Improvisation Is it cold in the water FLUME
Performer: Paul Kim

James (2011)

Choreography: Francine E. Ott
Music: Daniel Bernard Roumain, Frank Ocean, Ebrahim, and Mali Music
Costume Concept: Francine E. Ott with alterations done by Brende Hayes
Lighting: Joshua Reaves
Performers: Danyale Calhoun, Audra Chenoweth, Haley Curtis, Hannah Green, Adrian Haywood, Taylor Jones, Paul Kim, Hannah Monroe, Lauren Monroe, Destiny Payer, Olivia Prevost, Katie Quinn, Jasmine Rouse, Solteria Ross, Maya Sturgies

Closing Remarks (2019)

Choreography: Jenna Finkelstein
Music: Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Manyfingers
Lighting: Joshua Reaves
Performers: Aubrey Dixson, Madison Johnson, LilyGrace Wolfe

Portrait of Two Women (2019)

Choreography: Tara Mullins
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Olafur Arnalds
Costume: Adrienne McKenzie
Lighting: Joshua Reaves
Performers: Gini Brown, Jenna Finkelstein

SWEAT (2020)

Choreography: Britt Whitmoyer Fishel
Performers: State Dance Company

This is the grand premiere of SWEAT! It has never been seen before. 

Motherboard (2019)

Choreography: Katie Quinn
Music: Daft Punk
Lighting: Joshua Reaves
Performer: Katie Quinn

Rollercoasters (2019)

Choreography: Brooke Yannayon
Music: Tank and the Bangas
Lighting: Joshua Reaves
Performers: Danyale Calhoun, Haley Curtis, Adrian Haywood, Solteria Ross, Jasmine Rouse, Maya Sturgies

STEPS: in response (2019)

Choreography/Creative concept: Tara Mullins and Autumn Mist Belk
Film: Autumn Mist Belk
Music: John Cage, Hilary Hahn and Hauschka
Lighting: Joshua Reaves
Performers: Annalise Boese, Gini Brown, Isa Cortes, Dani Deibert, Aubrey Dixson, Ava Enochs, Jenna Finkelstein, Delaney Galvin, Casey Graff, Madison Johnson, MaryJo McCoy, Dedreana Scott, Lillian Tseng, LilyGrace Wolfe

The tech set up is included in the video to show the creative process that went into the performance. This project was a collaboration of visual and performing artists and was documented throughout the creative process; the tech shows the process of creating the stage design.