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Academic Courses

Push creative boundaries, challenge physical limits and discover new ways to express yourself through movement. NC State’s Dance Program curriculum offers diverse options for students interested in the technical, choreographic, historical and theoretical aspects of dance. Students can receive academic credit by participating in one of the NC State dance companies or by taking an academic dance class. To view current offerings and register for a course, please visit MyPack Portal.

Credit for Academic Dance Company Members

Students receive academic credit for participating in the companies directed by the NC State Dance Program: the State Dance Company (modern dance) and the Panoramic Dance Project (diverse range of styles). After successfully passing auditions, held in August, company members are enrolled in either DAN 210 or DAN 295  course. Participation in a dance company includes weekly rehearsals and performances throughout the year on and off campus.

DAN 295: Problems of Dance Performance (State Dance Company)

This course provides direct experience in theory and practice of performance processes for members of the State Dance Company, a modern dance company. The State Dance Company is dedicated to the creation and performance of process-oriented, researched based, content driven works. To support the student’s performance education, this course includes the study of movement theory, dance composition, modern technique, character development, with application in a laboratory setting, as well as formal and informal performances both on and off campus.

Acceptance by formal audition.

Offered in Fall and Spring

DAN 210: Current Trends in Afrocentric and World Dance (Panoramic Dance Project)

This course presents a diverse range of dance styles including modern, jazz, hip-hop, African and Latin for members of the Panoramic Dance Project, a student dance company dedicated to exploring diverse dance styles. Students will rehearse and perform choreographic work by the Dance Program director, invited guest artists and student company members. The course includes the study of dance technique, choreographic craft and the examination of content and identity in dance. Choreographic content varies from semester to semester.

Acceptance by formal audition.

Offered in Fall and Spring

Dance Program Courses for Credit (search for DAN)

DAN 260: Hip-hop Dance

This course introduces students to the physical, social, communal, historical, and cultural aspects of Hip-hop dance. Students might have to provide transportation and/or pay a minimal cost for a performance not to exceed $15.

DAN 261: Hip-hop Dance II

This course provides students with an intermediate level experience with the physical, social, communal, historical, and cultural aspects of Hip-hop dance. Emphasis will be on learning specific styles of Hip-hop, and delving into issues such as appropriation, commercialization, and community

DAN 272: Dance Composition

This course introduces principles of dance composition through creative problem-solving.  Course content includes movement invention; creation of a thematic phrase; manipulation and development of theme through the application of choreographic devices; structure; and content.  Students will create and perform a complete solo choreographic work in the course. Prerequisite: HESD 264 or HESD 274 or permission of instructor Offered in Spring Only

DAN 290: Special Topics in Dance

The course will examine selected topics in dance. Course content is different each time.

DAN 490: Advanced Special Topics in Dance

The course will examine selected topics in dance. Course content is different each time.

DAN 498: Independent Study in Dance

The course fosters the creation, performance, and production of innovative choreographic works that demonstrate content through new and intellectualized choreographic processes and structures.  This course encourages the development of new forms that support the content ideas.  This course also encourages advanced performance processes and techniques that clarify movement expression and enhance content in the creation of choreographic work. Prerequisite: DAN 272 (Dance Composition) Dance Program faculty also teach the dance track in the Arts Forum (AVS 100) for Arts Village students.

Health and Exercises Studies Department Dance Courses for Credit (search for HESD)

Technique (no experience required):

Technique (experience required):

Dance Minor in the Department of Health and Exercises Studies (search for HESM)

The Department of Health and Exercise Studies offers a 16 credit dance minor that intersects with the Dance Program. The minor includes the dance classes listed above, including modern, ballet, jazz, social dance and clogging. For more information on the dance minor, please visit this page.

Additional Dance Minor courses: